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He's eating it! She's dying! He's BOMBING! For a stand-up comic there's no pain quite like a joke that bombs. Every comic bombs and in Bombing with Mike Dorval we seek to find out WHY! Every week a new comedian joins Mike to dive into the nitty gritty of joke writing. They'll explore the mechanics of crafting of great joke and the agony of a watching a joke they loved, nurtured, and thought would soar come crashing to Earth. It's a deep dive into the agony and ecstasy of writing jokes.
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Mar 7, 2016

Erin Judge is an outstanding comic (Comedy central's Live at Gotham) who's about to have her first book published. She's also the first comedian every other comedian turns to for advice in life, love, and comedy. Her material touches on love, sexuality, politics, feminism, the LGBT community and more and it's always great....well, except that one time. Hear about that one time on Bombing!

Feb 27, 2016
Where did the Jay Leno show go wrong? They bumped Dwayne Perkins' "Great White Moments in Black History" to the second episode to accommodate some guy named Kanye! Dwayne has done it all and this week he shares a bomb about his favorite subject- love. Can we save this beautiful life filled bomb? Find out on this weeks Bombing!


Feb 22, 2016
How good do you have to be to keep a job in late nightfall 22 years? You have to be a joke writing machine. Brian Kiley is a legendary writer and comic with multiple bombs to share including one I just have to fight him on! He's been on The Tonight Show, Late Night, The Late Show, Conan, and now he's on Bombing!


Feb 16, 2016

Bombing by telling a joke about bombing? We are working on a lot of different levels on this weeks episode of bombing! Gary Petersen is a great comic willing to share his tales while getting ready to record his first album!

Feb 8, 2016

James Scott Patterson is living proof that you don't have to be happy to be funny. The first joke James shared with the world was about searching for a child in a field and it only got darker from there. We cover baseball, drunken poets, sex in space and more on this weeks Bombing.

Feb 1, 2016

Myq Kaplan has done The Tonight Show, The Late Show, Conan, Last Comic Standing AND Americas Got Talent. What does he know about bombing? You'd be surprised. Jokes about frats, rafts, farts and killing yourself are covered in depth in the first episode of Bombing.

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